You could have it in any colour as long as it 's black. That wasn't Henry Ford, but the sales person at Staples - when I went to pick up an Asus EeePC 1005 HA.

Been using it for the last 30 odd days.

The device comes with a copy of Windows XP and had sticky keys turned on by default.
Another annoyance is the screen resolution jumping back to a lame 800X600 . Updating the intel drivers has not completely fixed this issue.

As an overall package I'll sum up my experience with the 1005 HA simply as -"wow" !


Fashionable Earth Hour

The www is awash with articles and statistics about an event that becomes fashionable once a year.

In the part of the world where I come from, millions including myself -spend several hundreds of hours every year without electricity. Here it is known by a less fashionable name – power cut.

Thanks, I am NOT turning my lights off !


Best of software on a stick (so far)

Sofware that you can carry on your thumb drive or mp3 player. A list of the best available:

  1. Compression- 7-Zip
  2. Checksum -WinMD5Sum
  3. WinMerge http://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/winmerge_portable
  4. Text editor- Notepad++
  5. Image manipuation- GIMP
  6. Browser- Firefox
  7. Audio editing- Audacity
  8. Player - VLC
  9. Productivity suite – OOO

Read more about how you can use these.


Erasing offline gmail data

Gmail offline SQLite 3 Are you using the experimental offline gmail feature? My experience is that disabling it does not delete stored files . You might want to check the location where offline content is stored for your browser & operating system and delete it manually.

Those curious can view content ( SQLite 3 database files named yourid@gmail.com-GoogleMail#database[<some number>] or yourid@gmail.com-GoogleMail#database ) in sqlite analyzer safely.


Murphey’s law

A firmware upgrade that can go wrong, will go wrong! That’s exactly what happened on my mobile phone today. In one of those “have to do that right now” moments, i started the update and 15 minutes later – bam ! Back to the POTS age now :(